Who we are

Trapped Key Interlocks Ltd. is Castell Safety International’s new Authorised distributor in the Republic of Ireland. Building on the Knowledge, Integrity & Relationships of Stewart Andrews Engineering Ltd. for over a quarter of a century, we are commitment to our customers who believe that there is no compromise on safety. Castell has been keeping people safe at work since 1922 in the fields of Energy, Industry, Logistics and beyond. Castell continues to innovate safety solutions through their proven Trapped Key Interlocking technology to suit virtually any application.  www.castell.com.

 Our Mission

A trapped key interlock is a safety device applied to two or more moveable parts, preventing (or allowing) a movement or operation of one part only when another part is locked in a predetermined position. Castell’s trapped key interlocks operate on the principle that the key can be removed only when the locking bolt is in a predetermined position.

The Castell interlock is used to protect personnel and equipment, with the goal of eliminating errors that can occur when it is necessary to obey a sequence of predefined operations. The Castell system prevents anyone from trying to circumvent the default and crucial to the safety of the procedure sequence. The Castell interlocks can be mounted directly on the equipment, ie, the system is fully integrated and simple to operate.